Steuerberater-Scheffner-und-Hoffmann-shp-Patricia-M-MuellerDipl.-Finanzwirtin (FH)

Patricia M. Müller


Professional training as assistant tax accountant; studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigsburg, University for Public Administration and Finance, with a main focus on tax law.

She worked in a tax consultancy company in Mannheim as well as in a medium-sized chartered accountant and tax consultancy company in Heidelberg.
She has been with shp scheffner & hoffmann Partnerschaftsgesellschaft since 2009. After appointment as tax consultant in 2010 she became an executive with shp scheffner & hoffmann. Since April 2013 Patricia has been working freelance for shp scheffner & hoffmann.

Patricia provides advice about a wide range of tax issues, one focus of  her activity is on Inheritance and Gift taxes.

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