A business enterprise is run by a tradesperson independently and sustainably, i.e. he or she permanently participates in economic traffic and aims at producing profits.

Capital companies (AG (corresponds to PLC), GmbH (corresponds to LLC) as well as the GmbH & Co. KG (limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner) are business enterprises by legal form. The Tax Consultancy Association shp scheffner & hoffmann in Heidelberg consults business enterprises from the below-mentioned classes of business.

Our classes of business:

  • car dealerships
  • financial service providers
  • bookshop
  • film production
  • private equity
  • wholesale trade
  • craft enterprises (in general)
  • healthcare professions
  • IT/multimedia
  • import/export
  • hospitals and clinics
  • garages
  • building industry
  • retailers from different sectors (e.g. IT, textiles, groceries etc.)
  • gastronomy
  • trade representatives
  • property management
  • hotel business
  • real estate agents
  • industrial production
  • art trade/arts and crafts
  • media enterprises
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