Tax Planing and Layout

With the existing high tax burden and the complex tax law system, it is necessary to foresightedly plan facts also with regard to their fiscal effects. Only a tax planning in advance makes the optimisation of our client’s position possible.

Therefore we consider a future-oriented tax planning as important part of tax consultancy. The constant exchange of information with our clients already during the phase of decision making allows for an early constitutive involvement in decision processes.

Tax Returns

The preparation of all kinds of tax returns for individuals and companies means a lot more to us than the mere support of our clients in fulfilling legal duties.

Our service only ends after the definite conclusion of the taxation procedure. This especially applies to cases where new tax law developments can still be incorporated in favour of our clients.

Consulting on severance pays

We are specialists in the field of tax consultancy in connection with severance pays and have already consulted more than 1,000 staff members of various major companies with regard to this subject. We support companies and staff members regarding the tax-optimal design of the severance pay and ensure that the staff members only have to pay to the tax authorities what is absolutely necessary.

Fiscal Tax Audits and Legal Remedy Procedures

Even after the famous horse has already bolted we competently support our clients. In the process you can rely on our extensive experience in the field of tax and social security audits. Besides our professional competence we offer a high degree of sensitivity so that our clients’ interests are preserved. This also applies to the field of extrajuridical and judicial legal remedy procedures.

Excise Tax and Transfer Duties

The importance of excise taxes and transfer duties (e.g. value added tax, real estate acquisition tax) with regard to the whole tax revenue has clearly increased during the last years. Often formal errors cause the double taxation of one procedure. We competently inform our clients about possible risks and how to avoid them and advise them promptly about law amendments in this tax territory.

Support of declarations to avoid penal sanctions

Everyone makes a mistake sometimes. To avoid consequences arising from this mistake, self-incrimination is possible. We support you in the cooperative subsequent declaration of your income so that you may again sleep peacefully. Frank Scheffner can assist you with his expertise regarding all issues concerning tax evasion and reduction.

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