Reorganisation, choice of special legal form

The dynamic changes of companies and their economic environment require a permanent revision whether the structure once chosen still fulfils the changing requirements. This applies especially to changes in the circle of associates and entrepreneurs, e.g. when preparing the initial public offer, in case of partition of an inheritance disputes or when business units are restructured. As the German tax system is not neutral regarding a company’s legal form, we first identify the appropriate structure in due consideration of the individual aims of our client s. In this context especially the effects of the planned structural changes with regard to trade, labour, and tax law are reviewed and respective organisation alternatives are presented. After the decision-making process, we also accompany our clients through all phases of the implementation process.

Business Start-up

During the exceptionally critical phase of business start-up we support our clients acting as a midwife in setting the right course for the future. Besides the selection of the legal form we constructively and critically accompany the founders of business in defining and realising the business objectives as well as in finding financing sources (e.g. subsidies).

Through the swift creation of a client specific information system the current business progress is constantly examined starting from the first financing and profitability forecasts to quickly provide the founder of business with reliable bases of decision-making.

Corporate Succession and Succession Planning

With regard to the area of conflict of business requirements as well as personal and family concerns the legal fiscal planning of succession is an exceptionally delicate field of advice.

Only early analysis and planning enable us to draw up and realise individual concepts in close coordination with our clients.

EDP Based Audits

In connection with the German Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents (GDPdU) we support our clients both with regard to data preparation and the execution of digital tax audits using WinIDEA.

Due to our sound knowledge of the auditing software used by fiscal administration we are able to simulate a digital audit and to discover and help to eliminate mistakes already in the run-up to the tax audit. Furthermore we offer seminars in this field.

Leasing and Property Investments

With regard to leasing models and property investments we develop and examine concepts and contracts in accordance with the current tax regulations and bulletins of the fiscal administration as to an optimal tax structure.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Support with regard to company acquisitions is one focus of our consulting services. In cases of acquisition or transfer our integrated consultation concept offers our clients extensive support: from the prepared structuring via the realisation of due diligence to setting and negotiation of sale contracts.

The dynamic changes of companies and their economic environment require a constant examination whether the legal structure once chosen still meets the changed requirements. This particularly applies to changes of the circle of associates/partners, e.g. when preparing to go public, in case of settlement of an estate or when reorganising the business divisions.

As the German tax system is not neutral concerning the legal form of organisations, we first of all identify the suitable structure in consideration of our client’s individual targets. In this connection especially the effects of the planned structural change with regard to commercial, labour and tax law are examined and corresponding structuring alternatives are presented. After completion of the decision-making process we also accompany our clients through all phases of the transformation process.

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