If an estate consists of a larger fortune or if there are several heirs, who may be, in addition, still young, inexperienced, or estranged, we take over the smooth processing of the administration of estates as executors.

The execution of a will also facilitates the administration of estates as this requires much time and work: The funeral of the testator has to be arranged, outstanding accounts and liabilities of estate have to be settled, the deceased’s documents have to be inspected, contractual relationships have to be terminated, bank accounts have to be closed or transferred, land register rectifications and the certificate of inheritance have to be applied for, the estate tax return has to be completed, and the estate tax has to be paid.

As executors, we are to be considered the extended arm of the testator, and we implement the deceased’s testamentary instructions. In the context of the administration of the estate, the estate is distributed among the heirs. This task is incumbent on the executor. The heirs are involved only insofar as they are to be granted the right to be heard regarding the executor’s allocation plan. This often helps to avoid conflicts between the heirs. In the context of the administrative execution of a will, the executor may administer the estates, e.g. until juvenile heirs are grown up or heirs have acquired the necessary qualification and experience.

We offer comprehensive consulting and assistance, be it for the first steps, e.g. the planning of the succession and the appointment of an executor, or for the permanent processing of the execution of the will and of the whole administration of the estate.

Due to our interdisciplinary approach, we also consider the tax optimisation of the succession planning.

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