Controlling/Risk Management System

We support our clients in establishing an efficient reporting. Based on an analysis of the business processes and the required information about corporate management we develop a management information system individually adapted to the needs of our clients. Besides the build-up of the financial accounting and the cost accounting our service offer also comprises the development of individual statistical and operational analyses for corporate management and the realisation of internal control systems. In addition we advice and build up a Risk Management System for our clients.

Risk management system

Following the specifications of § 25a KWG, every financial services institution has to fulfil the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk). These minimum requirements include qualitative requirements for risk management which have to be implemented by the institutions taking into account the size as well as type, volume, complexity, and risk level of the transactions. Thus adequate processes to identify, evaluate, control, supervise, and communicate risks are required. Besides, the financial services institutions have to have a proper business organisation, an adequate internal control procedure, and adequate safety precautions for the use of electronic data processing. We support our clients in the installation of a stable risk management system and help to transpose the requirements of MaRisk according to their business model.

Internal audits

Every financial services institution which has to fulfil the minimal requirements for the risk management system (MaRisk) has to have a functioning internal auditing department. Internal auditing is a management instrument; the department is directly subordinated and reporting to the management. The internal auditing department has to inspect and evaluate in a risk-oriented way unaffected by business processes the efficiency and adequacy of the risk management in general and of the internal control system in particular as well as the compliance of basically all activities and processes. This has to be conducted independently of whether they have been outsourced or not. We support our clients in the implementation of internal auditing and, if required, are at their disposal as external service provider within the frame of an outsourcing project.

Liquidity Management

In the credit approval process, banks are becoming more and more critical and frequently demand a budget plan. We develop budget and liquidity plans on the basis of the data material provided by our clients. In this process, we work out detailed sales plans and costs projections and analyse the cost structure of the company. Our budget and liquidity plans enjoy a good reputation among banks as they are perceived as extremely sound and valid. Subsequent to the planning we offer variance analyses of budget and actual figures at regular intervals.

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