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Annual Audit

We efficiently and promptly carry out statutory and voluntary annual audits (individual and consolidated financial statements) based on the German standards of auditing using EDP auditing-tools.

This applies to audits according to German commercial code (HGB) as well as to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We also carry out limited reviews together with reporting for companies of foreign groups in Germany.

Year-end audits of financial services institutions

Since 2009, companies buying accounts receivable (factoring) or closing financial leasing contracts as lease providers are subject to the German Banking Act (KWG) and have to apply the supplementary provisions for credit and financial services institutions of the German Commercial Code law (§§ 340 et seq. HGB), the German Banking Act (KWG), and the German Ordinance regarding Accounting for Banks (RechKredV). Especially important are the organisational duties following § 25a KWG, the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk), and the compliance with the regulations of the Money Laundering Act. We conduct legal audits of annual accounts (individual and group accounts) of leasing companies and factoring companies following § 340k HGB.

Limited review

We conduct limited reviews of annual accounts, group accounts, and interim accounts. A limited review is first of all confined to interviews of the company staff members and to analytical evaluations, and it therefore does not offer the security attainable through a final audit of the annual accounts. For companies of foreign groups we conduct limited reviews including reporting of subsidiaries or business premises in Germany.

Special Audit

Our audit activities also include special audits according to German commercial law (HGB), stock corporation law (AktG) and others.

These are in particular:

  • Foundation and conversion audits
  • (§§ 32, 52 of German Company Act (AktG), § 9 of German law regulating the transformation of companies (UmwG)
  • Dependency report audits (§ 311 ff. of German Company Act (AktG))
  • Special audits according to § 142 ff. of German Company Act (AktG))
  • Fraud assessment audits, data analysis
  • Audits according to § 16 of German broker and builder act (MaBV)
  • Management audits
  • DSD-audits (“Grüner Punkt”)
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