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Preparation of Financial statements

Based both on the financial accounting handled by us and by our clients, we produce the annual financial statements in according to German commercial code (HGB) from these accounts. We take into consideration adjustments according to IAS/IFRS resp. differences between commercial balance sheet and tax balance respectively.

We give our clients advice on partising balance sheet influencing measures resp. on exercising options according to their specific target (e.g. tax minimization, outwards representation, distribution policy).

Financial Accounting

We offer the possibility to handle the financial accounting for companies for which the creation of an individual accounting system is not efficient. Thereby we also perform these services at our clients office.

Besides the complete document entry, parts of accounting (invoices received, outgoing invoices, cash in hand, banking) can be executed by our clients themselves. With the help of provided software the collected data can be transferred to us for auditing and review. Apart from the compliance with recording and declarations duties according to tax and commercial law (advance turnover tax return etc.) we guarantee a prompt flow of information by means of suitable analyses (sum and balance list, standard and individual business analyses).

On demand, the financial accounting may be completed by a cost and activity accounting to the individual needs of our clients.

Payroll Accounting

Within the scope of payroll and salary accounting, we offer the individual keeping of payroll accounts and the compliance with reporting duties according to tax and social security laws, as well as automatic money transfers via data medium exchange.

Specifics of payroll and salary accounting such as net pay agreements, compensation agreements of negotiated special agreements are taken into consideration as a matter of course.

Of course we also support our clients in working out employee participation models, incentive agreements, company pension schemes as well as models to reduce wage and incidental wage costs.

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